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Are you planning a long trip?

You are going to allow yourself some time-out and are planning to travel for several months? Your preparations are in full swing and you are left with just the one problem:  Your letter post. If possible, have your correspondence sent to you electronically.  With Mail-to-Email, we offer you an ideal and convenient solution to manage your remaining letter post yourself while on the go - at any time and from any location.
Your advantages
  • Notification by email when new mail arrives.
  • Letter post 100% accessible anywhere and at any time.
  • No acquaintance needed to open and manage your letter post in your absence.
  • Physical delivery of important letters to any location in the world (e.g. delivery of a new credit card).
  • No monthly fees: You only pay when you receive mail.
  • Free disposal of all letters, advertisements, magazines and newspapers.
  • Secure and easy to use.
Recommended product: "Single"
Redirect all your mail to your Mail-to-Email address. As soon as we receive a letter for you we will scan the unopened envelope and send an image of the sealed envelope to you via email. You decide whether you would like us to open and scan the letter, physically deliver it to you, recycle, shred or archive it.
Mail-to-Email is available without monthly fees. Product details for "Single"